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Elder law attorneys are there for you when you need it most. Being independent is something that we all strive for, to be able to care for ourselves as well as those we care about most to the best of our abilities. However, sometimes it’s not possible. That’s when it’s important to have a strong support system with expertise in the field that you most need a solid foundation to move forward with confidence. Elder Law attorneys like the professionals at Rheinhardt and Bray focus on your specific needs—whether it be estate planning, probate law, care, or simply navigating the complicated legal processes that come in older age.

Helping you prepare for long-term care.

If you are one of the thousands of older Americans in long-term care, it’s important to know how to best preserve your assets as well as take advantage of all the resources available to you. There are myriad programs and benefits that Americans 65 years or older can take advantage of that will alleviate some (if not all) of the financial burden that comes with an extended or indefinite stay in a care facility. We can advise and guide you or a loved one through the Medicare system and its supplement policies. Medical co-pays, prescription drug costs, and unforeseen costs that pile up and aren’t covered by your health insurance provider can be covered or reimbursed through the Medicare system. This isn’t something that is always an automatic payment, and the lawyers and Rheinhardt and Bray can help you plan for the future as well as your present. Have a course of action in place for and take advantage of all the care available to you as you age.

Knowing what you need as you age.

Nobody wants to think about their passing or that of a loved one, however, it’s important to have a plan in place and all the legal documents prepared and authorized. Having a sound legal team in your corner can ensure that upon passing all assets will be accounted for and the absolute maximum will end up in the hands of those intended. We can help you get your assets in order through legal documents such as living wills and the various documents and process related to preserving the wishes of you or a loved one.

Navigating the Probate Process.

The probate process ensures that any Will is the decedent’s true last Will, and not revoked or a forgery. It can be a complicated process, in which there are many hoops to jump through. However, it’s an important process meant to ensure that the decedent’s assets are safeguarded and protected from waste, theft, abuse, or neglect—as well as all taxes paid. We guide you through the probate process every step of the way.

Probate and Trust questions?

There are a ton of questions that arise as we age regarding probates and trusts. First of all, what is a living trust? Well, a living trust is a written document that you created with a lawyer during your lifetime. You can fund it while alive, or leave it unfunded until your passing. By “funding” it, you are making it the legal owner of your assets. The amount of assets that are transferred to your trust is entirely up to you. You, the creator of the trust, will be the trustee in most occasions. However, there are times when the spouse, child, or bank acts as a co-trustee. These actors may also be named as successors to serve upon your passing or falling into disability. We can help to best prepare for and establish a living trust if this is something that you are looking to do. It is good to keep in mind also that a living trust is revocable, so you can end it at any time if you so choose. For more information, you can click here for a lengthy article on probate versus trusts.

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