What is Elder Law?

Preparing for the Future

Elder Law & Estate Planning allows you to prepare for your future and the future of your loved ones with regard to health, financial well-being, and living environment. Elder law is a specialized section of the law that allows you to dictate how your care, assets, and living situation will be handled if you become ill or unable to make decisions for yourself. The Elder Law & Estate Planning Firm of Rheinhardt & Bray provides assistance with:
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Why Go To A Firm That Concentrates In Elder Law & Estate Planning?

Navigating these areas of the law can be both difficult and confusing. At Rheinhardt & Bray, our attorneys have over 25 years of experience in Elder Law and Estate Planning. We have helped hundreds of clients protect their assets and ensure the best care possible. Because we only specialize in Elder Law & Estate Planning, we are especially knowledgeable; equipped with the most recent understanding of the law.

Why Is It Important To Seek Out A Certified Elder Law Attorney (CELA)*?

A lawyer who is certified in elder law has been recognized by an independent professional certifying organization as having an enhanced level of skill, as well as substantial involvement in the practice of elder law. Only lawyers who have demonstrated special training, experience, and knowledge in elder law receive the CELA designation*. Jeffrey Rheinhardt is one of the area’s few National Elder Law Foundation Certified Elder Law Attorneys*. Both Jeffrey Rheinhardt and Christopher Bray are also members of the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys (NAELA). Members of NAELA are attorneys who are experienced and trained in working with the legal problems of aging Americans and individuals of all ages with disabilities. This focus on Elder Law and Estate Planning provides clients of Rheinhardt & Bray access to a deep, intricate knowledge of elder law. You can learn more about this special expertise on The Importance of Elder Law Certification page.

Who Are The Clients Of Elder & Estate Planning Attorneys?

The elderly are the obvious answer, but in truth, many different individuals seek the expertise of Elder & Estate Planning Attorneys. Aging individuals looking to protect their assets, lifestyle, and family are common. They may need assistance with living trusts and wills, medicaid planning, guardianship, powers of attorney and more. The loved ones of elderly individuals may also contact us looking for advice. This is especially common if the mother or father never updated their legal documents or in some cases, may have done no planning at all! It’s never too early and rarely too late to plan. If you have parents, let them know that the earlier they seek legal help, the easier (and typically less expensive) the process will be. Disabled individuals are also clients of Elder Law Attorneys. An attorney’s expertise and insight into long-term planning law and special needs trusts.

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