Attorney Referral Program

Experts In Elder Law

We know an individual cannot be an expert in every field of law. In fact, that’s why we focus solely on Elder Law & Estate Planning. We have referred many of our clients to other attorneys when their needs fell outside of our scope of expertise. Rheinhardt & Bray has provided the same service for countless other general practitioners and attorneys looking to provide their clients with the best possible legal representation.

Of course, referring a client to another practice can feel like a leap of faith. Will they treat my client well? Will they work with me? How do I know I’m not going to lose business to them?

These are all valid concerns, and ones we address with our attorney referral program. Our referral agreement – a sample of which is available upon request – outlines our relationship with the client and the referring attorney or practice. We guarantee your client will be treated with the utmost integrity, and have a system in place to work closely with our referral partners. You can rest assured that your clients are receiving the most accurate and detailed legal representation regarding matters of Elder Law & Estate Planning. And your clients will thank you, knowing they can trust you to provide the best possible resources, regardless of the topic of interest.

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