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Medicaid’s Home Care Waivers Can Help You Avoid a Nursing Home, But the Line May Be Long

Medicaid long-term care benefits traditionally pay mainly for nursing home care, but the federal government can grant “waivers” to states allowing them to expand Medicaid to include home and community-based services. The downside is that receiving care in a nursing home is an entitlement, while getting care at home is not.  

Can My Mom Take Out a Home Equity Loan on a House in Her Name Without Affecting My Dad’s Medicaid Benefits?

My dad is in a nursing home and qualified for Medicaid nearly three years ago. My mom still lives in their home in Pennsylvania. The deed was transferred into her name alone during Medicaid’s “spend down” period. She was planning to take out a home equity loan, but she has been told it might jeopardize my dad’s Medicaid eligibility. Is this true?

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