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Jeff Rheinhardt featured in Upcoming July Trusts Seminar

Trusts 101 Seminar – July 29th 8:30am-4:40pm When assessing complex information, it often helps to break items into basic building blocks. The same approach can be successful when dealing with asset protection. Be prepared for specific challenges associated with various types of trusts by understanding their unique characteristics. Our intensive full-day primer will provide you […]

What Is An Elder Law Attorney?

Elder law attorneys are lawyers who specialize in helping seniors with a variety of legal issues. The specialty of “elder law” evolved in the 1980s as it became increasingly clear that the complicated legal issues confronting seniors — in particular qualifying for Medicaid coverage of nursing home care — were beyond the expertise of general-practice […]

Tax Season Stirs Up Common Questions On Record Keeping

Ilion, NY (April 2, 2012)- When talking about estate and long-term care planning, a frequent question people ask is “how long should I keep financial records?” Jeff Rheinhardt, attorney with Radley & Rheinhardt, PC, an elder law and estate-planning firm with offices in Ilion and Rome, says it depends. “I hate to sound like a […]

Attorney Joins National Academy

Christopher R. Bray of Law offices of Radley & Rheinhardt, P.C, has joined the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys, Inc. ( NAELA). Membership in the academy is open to licensed attorneys who are practicing in the area of Elder Law or who are interested in legal issues pertaining to the elderly. Established in 1987, […]

A Critical Time to Plan

Ilion, NY- For many of us, a time comes when the “writing is on the wall” regarding the need for long-term care. A spouse or parent begins to experience declining health or cognitive impairment. They are able to stay at home, at least for the time being, only because the other spouse or child is […]

Funding Your Irrevocable Trust

You have decided that an irrevocable trust is an appropriate choice for you for estate and long-term care planning. You have an idea of how much of your estate you want to transfer to your trust but are not sure what assets are the right ones. Although everyone’s circumstances and goals are unique, for most […]

Avoid Sibling Disputes Over Caregiving By Putting It In Writing

Caring for an elderly parent can be stressful for families. Siblings may disagree over how to provide care or where a parent will live, and if these squabbles escalate into a guardianship battle, it can cost the family thousands of dollars. To avoid this, lawyers have begun drafting sibling agreements (also called family care agreements). […]