Knox Box Donation Ilion

Jeff Rheinhardt Donates Four Knox Boxes to Ilion Fire Department

Here at Rheinhardt & Bray we take pride in protecting not only senior citizens, but our community. This month our president, Jeffrey Rheinhardt, purchased four Knox Box Rapid Entry Systems and donated them to the Ilion Fire Department.  As a local resident of Ilion, Jeff says he believes that it can provide the seniors in his community with peace of mind.

The Knox Boxes are installed into homes, residential and commercial buildings. Inside, a key into the building in protected from being stolen or lost. A master key to the four boxes is handled securely by the Ilion Fire Department in case of an emergency. This rapid entry system system ensures that should an emergency occur, firefighters and EMS personel wont be delayed giving assistance by an inability to access a seniors home or apartment.

The Ilion Fire Department will be giving away the Knox Boxes to the first four Ilion residents that request one and who have a need for one. If you are interested in receiving one of the Four Knox Box Rapid Entry Systems please call the Ilion Fire Department at 315-894-6048.

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