2021 Update: “Basics” of Medicaid and Nursing Homes

By James S. Rizzo, Esq.* “Out of intense complexities, intense simplicities emerge.” – Winston Churchill There is very little “basic” about Medicaid. When faced with a life altering long term nursing home stay, it is important to consult a professional to review your family’s assets and income and to determine the best option, if any,…

Critical Illness Insurance

What Is Critical Illness Insurance and Is It Worth Buying?

Many employers offer critical illness insurance as part of their benefit package. What is this insurance and is it worth purchasing? Before paying for a plan, you should read the fine print and consider alternatives. While a regular health insurance plan usually offers comprehensive coverage for all types of illnesses, many plans have high deductibles…

Covid-19 - Our Commitment


OUR COMMITMENT Challenges like we face now present opportunities for us to come together as a community, to watch out and care for each other, and to envision and build toward a brighter future. It is up to all of us to focus our attention on helping each other and our most vulnerable family, friends…

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