Happy New Year 2019!

Every New Year is a new opportunity. It’s a chance to get all your affairs together and enjoy a comfortable year. The beginning of the year is a great time to talk to somebody about your plans for the future whether it be next month, next year, or the future of your family well beyond your time. Some of these things can be difficult to discuss, but when you are talking with a professional with years of experience in the fields of concern there is as little stress as is possible tied to the burden of the subject matter.

Just touch base

Even if you’re pretty sure you have everything in order heading into the New Year, there’s no harm to be done by getting in touch with whomever keeps your assets in order. Make sure there aren’t better methods of managing your assets that you could be using in the coming years, check to see how any potential investments are doing and how they are projected to accrue in the near future, or read over a will and testament to make sure it still properly reflects your wishes.

There is no harm in giving things a second look, and making sure there is somebody there by your side who has done this many times over is important to make sure when you put pen to paper everything is as it should be. If you have everything in order for the coming year, make sure it’s in a place where you can easily access it—a folder in a safe and accessible spot, physical or digital, is always a good idea to keep important documents secure and easy to get to.

Happy and healthy New Year

The new year is also a time for your to make sure you are comfortable with your healthcare package and any and all Medicare assistance is good to go regardless of what the coming year might throw your way. Again, discussing your health coverage every year with a professional is something that every American (especially the elderly) should always do. Things change with every ripple in local, state, and federal governance and it’s important for you to know what if anything has changed that could affect your coverage and comfort. For some more information you can also check things out at: Medicare.gov

Contact us about a will or trust

If you don’t have a will or trust, you should. You want to know where your things are going to go when you pass away. If you don’t make the decision and have it written down in a legal document, the state (and in some unfortunate situations your employer) will decide where everything goes.

Don’t just hide your money in your mattress, or at an undisclosed location somewhere outside of town. Make sure your money, property, and assets are passed on to the proper people or organizations with as little interference by outside parties as possible. The professionals at Rheinhardt and Bray can make sure that your assets get to the right folks, and can make sure that any assets your name is currently on are accounted for—whether primary, jointly, or otherwise.

Give us a call

We’re here for you and your family, this year and every year to come. You can rest assured knowing you and your loved ones are being well taken care of. If you or a loved one is currently working with us, thank you for an amazing 2018. If haven’t worked with us before, let’s get together for a safe, happy, and secure 2019.


All of us in the Rheinhardt and Bray family are looking forward to working with you and yours in the coming year and beyond!




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