Veteran's Benefits

Get Aid In Return For Your Service

Veterans are among Americans that have given the most in defense of America. In having done so, they deserve to know that they can easily take advantage of all the benefits that that entails later on in life. However, those benefits earned by Veterans can be confusing and difficult to navigate and obtain. The experienced lawyers at Rheinhardt and Bray work to work to simplify the process as much as possible and help those who gave so much take advantage of every single benefit available to them.

VA Pensions & Benefits

If you have an injury or disease that is a result of or began during, active duty or if active duty made an existing injury or disease worse—you might be eligible for compensation. Having a good lawyer and understanding the requirements and factors that go into what level of compensation you could receive is important. Benefits like this are necessities that help many aging and elderly Americans approaching or living in retirement.

The VA pays a pension to disabled veterans who are not able to work. This is something that, for many elderly Americans could be a lifesaver. This pension is available whether or not the disability is a result of active duty or not, but the recipient must meet the requirements that follow:

  • The recipient cannot have been dishonorably discharged.
  • Recipients who enlisted before September 7th, 1980 must have served 90 days or more of active duty with at least one day during a period of war.
  • Recipients who enlisted after September 7th, 1980 must have served at least 24th months or the full period for which they enlisted.
  • Recipient must be permanently and totally disabled or aged 65 or older. (A letter from a medical doctor must be provided to prove the legitimacy of disability.)

The VA also may provide long-term care assistance for veterans and the surviving spouses of veterans who need in-home care or stay in a nursing home. Veterans who served for at least 90 days of active service with one day during wartime are eligible for the Aid and Attendance benefit. We can help you figure out if you are eligible for these benefits as well as maneuver through the paperwork and legal work necessary to receive these benefits.

Many people who are eligible to for, but lack the knowledge of, pension and home aid programs for Veterans go through their life without receiving repayment for their service that they have earned. The VA pension benefits can cover a portion of nursing home care if the veteran and/or their surviving spouse would otherwise be paying for the care out-of-pocket. This aide can be the only thing that makes it possible for some veterans or surviving spouses to handle the cost of assisted living. With a full understanding of what benefits you are eligible for through the aid of a world-class legal mind, you won’t have to worry about missing out on something you should have received.

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